Where Have I Been?

In all honesty, nowhere!  As lockdown eases gradually, it seems logical to record my experience since this all kicked off in March.

Like most people I have found this whole ‘staying at home’ a mixture of incredibly difficult and somewhat revolutionary!  I have used my allowed daily exercise each evening to go to the yard, be with Pea and do some mucking out!  The rest of the time I have stayed at home with the exception of a few trips into work when I have needed to.  Only in the last week have I been back in work full time rather than working from home.  All of my family live far away so I haven’t seen any of them in real life during this time.

The lowlights:

  • I have really missed normal work!
  • I miss seeing my family – particularly the little ones who are growing up so quickly
  • I’ve had to be careful with my hip – sitting at a desk all day and then doing a day’s worth of exercise in one go has been slightly challenging for it!
  • Having to cancel the wedding we had planned and not knowing whether we will be able to still sign the piece of paper on the date or not.
  • The (almost goes without saying) total anxiety and fear of the virus and what it can do!  I’m lucky that I don’t have to do the food shopping in my house but I am more and more terrified of having to fuel my car.

The highlights:

  • More video chats and phone calls with family than ever before.
  • The push to be imaginative with exercise for me and Pea including far more walking than usual (though I’ve started riding again in the last few weeks).
  • More sleep (on the nights the anxiety lets me sleep!)
  • Being forced to stay at home at the weekends has given me the chance to get on top of the housework and spend more time with Alex.
  • Realising just how lucky I am to have the family, friends, job, pets and health that I do.


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