These Boots Are Made For..

I’m a firm believer that there are two things you shouldn’t scrimp on – your bed and your shoes.  You spend most of your life in one or the other!  


Every equestrian needs a good pair of wellies.  I got my Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boots just before I started my full time horsey job. They kept me warm and supported through the “beast from the East” and the 40,000 step days and they are still going strong (albeit with some mastic sealing a small split). They are pricey but the neoprene makes all the difference.


Summer boots

Mercifully there is a time when wellies can be put away but feet still need to protected from hooves. My summer yard boots of choice, which also double as walking boots, are the Mountain Horse Spring River Lace Boots.


Riding boots

I dream of Celeris boots or Deniros but for now I’m satisfied to have some boots that fit my foot and my calf after years of having one-size-fits-all boots. Mine are Tredstep although I still use my standard size Mark Todds for everyday use.


Country boots

It is always good to have something that will take you round the course walk of Badminton but also take you from a hack to the pub. My Woof Wear Fonte Verde Marvaos do exactly this: they are safe to ride in but stylish enough to wear in “normal” company!


Smart boots

Are you really a horsey girl if you don’t like the look of tasselled Spanish riding boots for non-horsey times? I’m lucky enough to have Fairfax & Favor Reginas – I have to say they aren’t as comfortable as the other boots listed here but they are beautiful. I even wear them to work and “pink tassel Friday” is a real thing!


I think this post has made it blindingly obvious that I’m a big boot fan but for all other eventualities there are deck shoes. I wear my Chathams to work and pretty much everywhere else.

To watch my “Spring Boot Clean” – head over to my YouTube.


One thought on “These Boots Are Made For..”

  1. Those country boots look so comfy! Definitely wish those were available in the US, I’d get those in a heartbeat.


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