Tried And Tested: Derby House Breeches

As I’ve said before, I love Derby House. I featured them in my Christmas Gift Guide, I get all my rugs from there and most of my boots. Recently, they contacted me and very kindly gave me the opportunity to have a pair of their breeches to try out and review (thank you!)  I chose the Derby House Elite High Waist Gel Full Seat Riding Breeches.  I have only recently started wearing breeches again after living in Tesco jeggings last year.  I’ve been looking for some new ones but it is so hard to know what is comfortable without actually trying them out.

Choice Reasons

I tossed up between trying some of the riding tights or the breeches but as it is now winter and my legs in particular need to be kept cosy, I went for the breeches.

First Impressions

When I opened the package I was immediately impressed by how quality the breeches looked.  They have a firm but not restrictive waistband, neat pockets and silky stretchy panels at the bottom.  I love that they are high waisted because they are perfect for tucking in a top and the waistband has belt loops though I found I didn’t need to wear one as they are so well shaped.  They have subtle Derby House branding but nothing that screams or shouts!  I’m so not a fashionista but these look good – they got the thumbs up from my other half!

A Bonus!

It was raining when I wore them for the first time and I was impressed to see that the droplets of rain sat on top of the breeches rather than soaking into them.  In fact as well as being water repellent, they have stayed pretty clean after a lot of wear – grooming dust/mud seems to brush right off.


For me, breeches need to be comfortable enough to wear all day for plenty of walking, riding, hay net filling, mucking out, driving, even popping to the shops etc.  After some thorough testing, I can confirm that these jods are COMFY.


Sticking Power

I have had a few pairs of ‘sticky bum’ jods before but nothing like these.  I actually felt like I was stuck to the saddle and my legs stayed in position better than normal. I have been feeling quite vulnerable since my hip replacement but they certainly gave me an extra feeling of security in the saddle.


At £49.99 I think these are great value, they have the look and feel of a much higher end brand.  I’m strongly considering getting some for competitions as well and will definitely check out the tights version in the summer.  My only criticism – I’m a black and grey kind of girl and currently these are only available in navy, merlot, beige and white (hint hint!)

If you want to get your hands on a pair click here!


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