Happy Blogiversary!

Today marks exactly a year since I started my blog (Big News) and I’ve been reminiscing so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to look back at some of my favourite posts (or the ones I am most proud of) from the last year (particularly some of the old ones!)

The Big Op!

Initially my blog was mostly focused on the lead up to and consequent recovery from my hip replacement last June. Although it is a pretty bizarre read for me, looking back at The Big DayAn Even Bigger Day and Home Sweet Home reminds me of how far I’ve come. Each time I get a view on one of these posts I feel like I’m helping someone, somewhere have a greater understanding of what a hip replacement is like and that has got to be a good thing!

My Special Pony

One of my favourite posts (which was always destined to be a favourite, just look at the title) was one of the first ones I wrote – Pea’s Journey – My Favourite Story To Tell.  I hope to be able to write a sequel to this in years to come when she has been on even more adventures – how soon is too soon?

Advice I Stand By

I never want to give advice beyond my capabilities – I don’t pretend to be a medical professional, a therapist or an equine expert but I do enjoy sharing my own thoughts relating to my life experiences on the off chance they might help someone else. That school of thought is where How To Stay Positive and Can’t Ride, Can Horse came from.

Being A Real Reviewer

I am very proud of Tried And Tested: Derby House Breeches because it was my first proper review of a product I had been sent. I will only ever mention or review products I really believe in and if you’ve seen my Instagram feed you’ll know these breeches are one of my most worn items of clothing!

It is really hard to chose the posts I am most proud of because each and every one has had a lot of thought, time and effort poured into it.  My blog is, first and foremost, written as my personal record but I am proud of how it has developed into more than just my story telling!

Do you have a favourite blog post?  I would love to hear it if any stand out to you in any way.

April Dressage

Finally Pea and I got out competing again today (for the first time since January). I had a bit of a dilemma about whether to go to the show because there were other things going on today but I’ll address time management and prioritisation in another post coming soon!

The day started at 6 o’clock when I was rudely awoken by my alarm. I went to the wonderful wedding of one of my friends last night and danced the night away, only getting home at 1.30 so as you can imagine, I wasn’t keen to get up! Nevertheless I managed to get Pea looking semi presentable (it was too cold for a body wash but I did her legs, mane and tail!) and off we went.

It was my second time at Lower Haddon Livery so I was feeling pretty chilled about the whole experience. My parents had come to watch too which was amazing as my dad has never seen me ride properly before.

Pea warmed up really well. Even my mum, who isn’t horsey, commented that she was going better than she had ever seen her before I had my hip replacement.


It was feeling promising.. until we went into the dark indoor school with the noisy door and the glass judging window.

You may be familiar with Prelim 1, which was what we were meant to be doing today however this is the test we did..

Overshoot the centre  line at A in wobbly trot, proceed down the centre line and at C stop dead, stare at the floor and seriously think about backing up.

Turn right but don’t go anywhere near the scary door corner.

At A, trot a figure of 8 and stop after X to pretend you are going to do a poo just before avoiding the scary door corner.

Pull it together and change the rein KXM.

Stay away from the scary door corner, seriously consider cantering a circle at C but opt for a flashy trot instead.

Change the rein FXH and decide not to really bother cantering another circle at C.

After B, give up on even trying to canter.

Just before A, collapse into walk (early!)

Change the rein in sluggish walk on a long rein (K to B and B to H).

Trot from C to B and motorbike around the corner to X.

Halt somewhere along the centre line, look a bit shell shocked for a moment, just about remember how to salute, pat Pea, laugh at the whole sorry experience and say an apologetic ‘thank you’ to the judge!

So there we go, not our finest hour! Pea still got lots of cuddles, carrots and polos because we all love her regardless.


I got 3s on my canters, 57.8% overall and 4th out of 4! More importantly, my comment said ‘very well done, nice pony with lots of potential, just a shame you couldn’t get the canter today’. I’ll take that! Canter has been our nemesis and will continue to be for a while. We have been working on it and I know we need to continue to so no nasty surprises there.

I’m very grateful for the lovely smiley ladies from WORC who made me feel so welcome today. I would certainly go to more of their competitions if I can. I am also thinking of going to an outdoor venue for our next competition to see what excitement we can find there!

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