A New Start – January Dressage

On Sunday 12th we (Pea, me and top groom Alex) ventured out for our first competition of 2020.  I thought we’d better return to our nemesis venue to battle our demons from the last competition there.  Getting our lowest score EVER back in October was obviously an all time low.  Getting a lower score each time we went to that venue felt really rubbish.  Thankfully this time the pattern didn’t continue!

It wasn’t a great test.  I had mucked up the warm up by being too bothered about getting out of the way of other people and not really focusing on what we needed to do.  Pea was knackered by the time we did our test too – that winter reduced exercise regime has not been good! Nevertheless we managed to get through the test without major spookiness at the big door to the indoor school (I made sure it was shut the whole way this time so there was no strip of light like previous times) although I just couldn’t get her off my leg and the canter work was pretty much non-existent!

A score of 57.95% is a baseline score for 2020 which I very much intend on massively improving – bring it on!

To watch my test (and some!) click the link below to see my vlogging attempt!

A Week In The Life


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