2020 Goals!

2019 is officially over – it has been an amazing year and my goals certainly helped me on my way.

2019 Goals

1. Get Strong

Steps towards this goal have changed over the year; I was doing yoga and cycling in the summer but then I started ballet and going to the gym all of which have helped my strength.

2. Compete

We racked up 7 competitions in 3 different venues – I think that counts as a tick for this goal.  If you’d told me at the beginning of the year I’d be doing the Riding Club Qualifiers at Hartpury I would NOT have believed you.  But we did!


3. Move On

Definitely ticked this one off with a new house and a new job!

4. Reduce

This goal dropped in after my Mid Year Goal Review.  I’ve stuck with my Lush plastic-free shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and I’ve replaced my cleanser with a cleansing bar.  I’ve been much more conscious about what I buy.  It would be really helpful if more brands followed in the footsteps of Derby House and Honest Riders to be more environmentally friendly!


2020 Goals!

It has actually been really hard to set goals for this year.  I’ve got some big dreams but I’ve also got a wedding to plan and a job to maintain!

1. Branch out!

This year I want to do the next stage of stepping out of my comfort zone with Pea.  I would like to try out a few new competition venues now I’m more confident with towing.  I’d love to do a freestyle but I’m not fully sure what I need to do to get ready for that and I feel like that might be a lot so we will see about that one.

2. Flex

Although I’ve got a lot stronger in the last year, my external hip rotation and abduction on my left side is not very good.  Doing ballet has made the difference in my sides very obvious but is certainly doing me good in addressing this.  Don’t get me wrong, my hip is a hundred times better than it was before I had the hip replacement but I’m still wonky in the saddle because of its flexibility.  That is going to improve this year!

3. Party planning

I wasn’t going to make this a goal but I thought it was quite funny so here goes.. Successfully plan our wedding without losing my mind!  If you didn’t already know, we are getting married in August and it is going to be a quite a DIY job.  I’ve never even planned a party before so tips and suggestions are more than welcome.. wish us luck!


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