Horse Benefits Part 1: What They Give Us

If you have seen my riding story you will know I have only really been riding for the last 5 1/2 years.  It is mad to think that I had a life before horses but thinking about it has reminded me of the incredible benefits horses bring.  If you’re a horsey person who considers giving up or one who already has given up for whatever reason, maybe this will remind you what you would be/are missing out on.  If you haven’t ever experienced the magic of horses maybe this will tempt you or just give you a greater understanding of  why we do what we do!


Animals are the ultimate companions and, it is a total cliche, but they can become your best friend.  A horse is always there for you to go to if work or home is tricky.  They don’t answer you back either!



There is lots of evidence and research into using horses as therapy and I think every horsey person would agree that they are automatic therapists!  Spending time with horses can be very calming. There is nothing more relaxing than just sitting in a field with them.



Anyone who has ever ridden knows that you don’t just sit there, riding is exercise.  Combine that with walking between the yard and fields, mucking out stables and grooming and you’ve had a full body work out without even thinking about it.



Involvement with horses brings routine to your life whether that is the routine of weekly riding lessons or daily trips to the yard to muck out, check on your horse and/or ride.


Horse Benefits Part 2 coming soon!


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