Tried And Tested: Derby House Fly Rug

I worked with Derby House before when I reviewed their Gel Seat Riding Breeches (which have become my most worn breeches ever) so when they asked to work with me again I jumped at the chance.  They have very kindly sent Pea their own Derby House Pro Print Fly Rug in a limited edition bee print to try out.

The Product

The Derby House Pro Print Fly Rug is a classic fly rug design, with a nylon lining over the crest and shoulder area, a large tail flat, full belly wrap and a neck complete with ear holes.  The fly mask that comes with it (the matchy-matchy dream) adds to the coverage, covering the ears and eyes, and has  orange fluff on the edges to keep it cosy.  The mesh is light, breathable and UV treated – a sun suit for your horse!   The limited edition bee print has been designed to naturally deter flies.. whether it does or not, I don’t mind too much because it is beautiful!  The fly rug and fly mask set is just £39.99!

The Fit

Derby House say that

“Derby House rugs are designed to fit a wide variety of horses of different shapes and sizes. The rugs have been developed to fit varying chest sizes with adjustable neck fastenings to achieve that optimum fit. Although we try to cater for all shapes and sizes with our designs, each horse or pony is individual.”

Pea’s rug is a 5’9 which is the perfect fit in the body.  I reckon a 6ft would have worked for her too and it might have meant I could have fully folded the velcro on her neck.  I could comfortably close the velcro on the 5’9 but some of the sticky side is still exposed which has snagged some of the mesh on the neck a bit.  My advice would be that if your horse has a wide (cough fat cough) neck or a particularly floofy mane, you might need the larger of your rug size options.


Public Reaction!

Pea has had plenty of compliments on her bright new rug but the funniest reactions were from the other horses.  The first time she went into the field there was quite a lot of interest in their new “dapple bee” field-mate.  What was the most interesting was that those most interested in her orange trimmed rug were the chestnuts!  If you would rather have a less impactful print, Derby House do this same rug in a traditional silver colour.


A Side Note

Derby House post their items in cardboard boxes or paper bags and say they have “95% plastic free outbound packaging” (and that delivery and any returns are free in the UK).  This rug is also packaged in an eco-friendly, reuseable rug bag (without a horrible plastic side like so many have).  I have already repurposed mine to hold my show numnahs.  As someone who is trying to be more eco friendly, the effort from Derby House really appeals to me and I hope more equestrian brands will follow their example.

Parting Thoughts

I love this rug; I love the pattern, I love the matchy-matchiness, I love the coverage and I love the brand!


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