All I Want For Christmas

I’m not religious but I am a fan of the type of Christmas we celebrate.  To me, it is a time for rest, spending time with the ones you love and counting your blessings.  As much as I am (very) excited about opening what is under our tree, I think I’ve got everything I really want already.

1. My Hip!

The greatest gift I got this year was definitely my hip.  To be in a better physical position with far more hope for the future than last year, all due to the kindness of the wonderful NHS.. there are no words.


2. My Pony

This will be the fourth Christmas I have shared with Pea and every day, every year I’m so grateful to have her.  Each Christmas worries me as it means she is another year older and there are so many more things I want to do with her but hopefully we have many more years yet!


3. Our Home

Although we are not in the same physical place as we were last Christmas, it is now a year since my boyfriend and I moved in together.  Wherever we are we seem to have created our own little haven for ourselves and our two little piggies.


4. Family

We have already had Christmas with one side of my boyfriend’s family, are looking forward to another one with the other side tomorrow and I am SO excited to see my parents and my brothers and sister with their partners and my nephew on the 29th.  We are very lucky!


So hold onto your loved ones (two and four legged) and be grateful for what health and home you do have. Merry Christmas!

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