Rider Guilt

Rider guilt (or horse owner guilt) is probably something most riders can relate to and something I’ve really struggled with this week.

‘I don’t ride enough’

A combination of feeling grotty, having a job interview mid week and a poorly (and sadly now gone) guinea pig on top of the usual fading light issue has meant I have barely ridden this week.

Coping strategies: I’ve just accepted that sometimes there will be weeks like this when the planned schedule gets disrupted.

‘I don’t spend enough quality time with my horse’

I can only imagine how this increases the more horses you have, it is hard enough juggling one pony, a partner and guinea pigs. I don’t want all the time I spend with Pea to be rushing and riding.

Coping strategies: I’m trying to schedule at least one time a week where I have more than just riding time.


‘I’m not good enough’

With so little riding going on this week this had been more of a niggling background guilt. I just feel like Pea deserves more than a wonky 10 minute walk and trot.

Coping strategies: I try to remember that where I am right now is a starting point and I do have plans and goals to improve but it will all take time. Right now I just need to enjoy what I can do.


What rider guilt/pet owner guilt/hobby guilt do you feel? How do you deal with it?


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