Final Countdown!

I have very few words tonight. I actually feel physically sick.. and not because of tonight’s ‘last supper’!


I have to be at hospital tomorrow by seven in the morning so tonight I am cramming in some last minute packing and charging (toothbrush, Kindle, iPod and anything else that I think I might need).  In true style, the washing machine is rapidly doing a last wash of favourite things and the rest of my evening is going to consist of cleaning my shoes (yard dust isn’t welcome in hospital) in front of the TV!

Typically when I went to visit Pea this evening for a quick hello I found her maskless – I’m not sure trekking round a field trying to find a fly mask is quite what the doctor ordered but it will be the last time I’ll do it for a while!


Thank you to everyone who has been sending me good vibes for tomorrow, I have had some lovely cards and messages, the support has been amazing.  See you on the other side!




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