Practically Passable In Every Way

I didn’t know what to expect for my pre op. What I got was lovely chats with the healthcare assistant and nurse, swabs, blood tests and lots and lots of questions! Although obviously I haven’t yet had the results to the tests but what made me leave happy was how much of an easy patient they consider me to be in terms of my general health – apparently I pass all of those tests! I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I’m not overweight, I am relatively fit, I eat (most of the time) and I’m all in for whatever they tell me to do.  The panic about how my life is going to majorly change during my recovery is still very much there but I know I am very lucky to be generally fit and well.

The other thing I walked away with was a serious amount of bedtime reading! I’m hoping that most of my pending questions will be answered in the blow by blow guide to hip replacement booklet and anything else will have to wait for the THR forum I am awaiting an invite for or my ‘meet the surgical team’ appointment on the 11th June.


As for riding, I’ve decided that since this hip is nearing its expiry date, it is time to use it up!  Time to see how much we can fit into the next month. Good for my mental health and good for Pea’s waistline. I think she’s looking rather fabulous at the moment don’t you?


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