Big News


This week I received a letter giving me the date for my total hip replacement.  I had thought that it wasn’t going to be until August but I have been bumped up the list and my date is 19th June!

I have been waiting such a long time for this but my immediate reaction was supreme panic!  I have recently started a new combination of jobs which were meant to last me until my op and now that is all going to have to change much earlier than anticipated.  We moved into this house a month ago thinking it would be ages until we needed to rearrange the set up for the op but that has all got to happen much sooner.  Most importantly I need to figure out what is going to happen to Pea, the 14h skewbald gypsy cob love of my life while I am incapacitated for an unknown amount of time.


Time to start making plans!


6 thoughts on “Big News”

  1. I have had both my hips replaced. My right hip was replaced 17 years ago and my left hip 6 years ago. I was 52 for the first one and 63 for the second. So mine were for osteoarthritis and not the same condition as you and you are a young person. But now as you know they make the hips with material that can last a lifetime. I would not be able to ride if i had not had the replacements done. So I think you will be ok once you get it done. I do know it is important to do the physiotherapy to get a full range of motion. But I am happily riding pain free and I imagine you will be too. I was back t riding after six weeks but you should follow your surgeon and doctor’s advice they will advise you best. Good luck!


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